Another bonus weekend!!

Bob a posted 18 hours ago
Here is from the devs themselves:

"Hey all,


We may have "accidentally" announced it early, but it's official: We're doing a bonus weekend starting this Friday! The weekend will run from Friday at 7AM PDT (2PM UTC) through Sunday at 11:59PM PDT (Monday, 7AM UTC). Things to look forward to:


  • The level cap has been raised to 25.
  • New Adventure: War of the Wilds unlocks at level 25!
  • We're going to be inviting every person who ever signed up for WildStar beta to this weekend's event. That's a lot of people, so you'll have plenty of friends to team up with for Battlegrounds, Dungeons, Adventures, and more!

We're really excited to be able to add another weekend into the beta schedule. If you want access to all the remaining weekends (plus some sweet loot), don't forget to pre-order WildStar today!


See you on Friday!"

Yep the level cap is also raised. So need to get in there and try spome of that sweet sweet new content. As well as catch up on the stuff you missed. So See ya Friday!

Another beta weekend

Bob a posted Apr 16, 14

So we are about to have yet another beta weekend for Wildstar. This one is bringing in a lot of changes, Including the new UI. Be sure to come check it out with us. This will be a lot more like what the finished thing looks like.

In addition to a new UI they have released more info about Warplots. check it out!
We will Deffinetly be participating in a bunch of these, at least weekly. So if you want to know more about them or our plans with them be sure to ask.

Also here is something for your viewing pleasure:

It starts Friday at 7am PDT and ends on Monday at 11:59 pm PDT So come out and join us.

Also, In response to those asking where we will be rolling. The server names are said to be changing so know we will be running on a PvP server come release.
Bob a Seems like I will be having a long day friday as well, will be on once i can as well.
McNasty a If I could take Friday off I would. But once I get off work, around 2pm. I will lock myself in my room and play none sto ...
Getting excite for this weekend? Because we are!! The focus of this one will be around fleshing out the content for those not currently in the beta or those undecided on the game itself. So we will be making new tutorials and video's and guides on the matter that should be viewable to all in the near future.

If you are wanting to join us for wildstar be sure to register on the site! We are using Enjin currently so if you are having trouble logging in then see if you already have an account with them.

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask here, in the forums, or on TS and we will be happy to help ya out. Thanks!

New forum

Bob a posted Mar 30, 14
Hey guys, as you know we are ramping up for Wildstar. As such we have changed the website, forum,and name. Figure may as well start fresh since it's been awhile since we all got together over something. We will be updating the new forum with guides and info as we get the time. So make sure to register on new site and check back for upcoming info on the game.

An Extra Beta Weekend!

Bob a posted Mar 29, 14
We have received an extra beta weekend this weekend from Wildstar due to their awesomeness. In addition they have raised the level cap for pre-orders to lvl 20!!! That means we can que for dungeons instead of being underleveled and having to run there.

Come in and join the fun, the water is fine!

Anybody excited about this weekend? I know I just became excited!
I spend way to much time looking at this site.
Go team?
Make sure to get registered on the new site!
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